INFINITYmusiclibrary is new

Its people though are not new to producing, directing, or editing.
You see some of us have spent hundreds of hours looking for the right music.

So we tried to make it easier for creators to find the right sound.
We have stingers, 5 seconds long, for those youtube ads.
By using Autoplay you can minimize your browser and listen to your selections while doing something else.
And if you don’t find what you want, we will create it for you.

If you are a composer, creating a profile is fast and easy.
Uploading too. Drag and drop your wav. No Mp3’s, no mixing watermarks.

Plus we offer some of the highest rates in the market.

Our little INFINITYmusiclibrary is new. As it grows we hope that we will see you here again, with a promise, well, two actually, to provide great sounds, and to give back as much as we can to the music community.

The INFINITYmusiclibrary team

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